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The property has 100 rooms and apartments designed to meet the needs of all guests. All have heating, private bath, cable TV and telephone. It also has Suites and familiar with air conditioning, double, triple and apartments ideal for families.

Chec-in: 12 AM y Check-out: 10 AM

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Included free of charge all year Services

  • own laundry
  • Climatized pool
  • Central heating
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Play Room
  • Outdoor games for kids
  • Cinema
  • Caja de seguridad en habitación
  • Bar con vista panorámica
  • Gim Express
  • Tv

Servicios Incluídos en temporada alta

  • Cena con Show musicales
  • Traslados
  • Spa & Sauna
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Custodia de Valores
  • Cinema
  • Desayuno Buffet
  • Room Service
  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Low season
    Reservation canceled with 72 hours (3 days) or less prior to the date of check in, will be debited from your credit card the value of one night as compensation (Only applicable to stays of up to 3 nights. For stays longer the debit is two nights per room. Debit nonrefundable if withdrawn before completing the stay must pay one night penalty)
    High season and Long Weekends
    Reservation canceled more than seven (7) days of when they check in, your card will debit the value of a night * and will remain as credit to be used within six (6) months siguientes.Este credit will be subject to availability and current rates. * applies only to stay up to three nights. In longer stay, the debit will be for 50% of the total. Booking canceled less than seven (7) days at the time of check in, will be debited from your card the value of one night as compensation * * Only applicable to stays of up to 3 nights. Longer stays in the debit is two nights per room.
    No Show
    Passenger No Show is considered the individual that is not presented at check in. In these cases the room is saved for the night until the hour 10 am the next morning at check out, if the passenger fails to notify the cancellation of the reservation will be debited from your card's value overnight.

  • Do you accept pets?

    Small pets are welcome, they can not be left alone in the room. In the case of receiving complaints from other guests the Moskva have to stay in another appropriate place within the establishment.

  • You do paid parking?

    The outdoor parking is free.

  • How do I get to the center?

    The hotel has two free transfers (only in high season) guests can take advantage free of charge. One at 11 am and another at 18:00 pm. Pre-registration is required

  • Is there air conditioning in all rooms?

    No, there is only air conditioning in the rooms "department". But yes, all rooms have ceiling fans

  • What services are included free of charge?

    All services are included free of charge, except massages and recreational activities

“A pearl on Mar del Plata's beach”

First of all: location.View from the hotel is awesome. The sun setting and the morning are wonderful moments of the day you can enjoy while having a beer in the front lawn.or having your breakfast. You can walk to the beach and this is not as common as many could think in Mar del Plata.

Euge G. (buenos Aires, Argentina)
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